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By Dustin Phillips on
September 21, 2015
December 31, 2019

A jury deliberated less than two hours before convicting a Kiowa County woman of killing her fiance. The jury found Sandra Woodard,43, guilty of first degree murder in the January 2014 shooting death of Harley Moody, 37, an Altus radio host, Navy veteran, and father of six.

In the case, Woodard called police just after 11:00 p.m. on January 7, 2014, to report that she had accidentally shot her fiance during a sexual role-playing game. When police arrived, they found Moody dead at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds.

A news report shortly after the murder detailed the story Woodard gave police:

"Woodard told investigators that she and her fianc� were playing a sex game that involved rape, something they had done many times before. She said Moody was in the shower when she entered the bathroom armed with a gun and fired it at him on her cue. She said it was part of the plan, and that moody was also armed with a gun. Woodard said he exited the shower towards her as expected, and that's when she started to hit and kick him. It's at that time she said she realized he was bleeding and after talking with him she called 911."

Despite the woman's insistence that the shooting was accidental, police said that her story simply did not add up. Citing inconsistencies between her account and the evidence at the scene--including the number of shots fired and her positioning at the time of the shooting--police arrested her and charged her with first degree murder. She was booked into the Kiowa County jail, held on $1 million bond.

At her preliminary hearing and trial, witnesses testified that Woodard was a jealous woman, convinced that her fiance was being unfaithful to her. She told Moody's sister-in-law that she created a fake Craigslist account to try to "catch him in the act," and the sister-in-law testified that Woodard even began to believe that Moody was living a double life as a porn star.

Sherry Moody, Harley Moody's sister-in-law, said that Woodard had mentioned killing her fiance in the months before the murder. She testified that Woodard told her, "A friend of mine said that I should shoot him." Sherry Moody said that she told Woodard never to talk like that again, but Woodard replied, "I might just go kill him and plead the fifth."

(Note: Pleading the Fifth Amendment simply means you invoke your right to avoid saying anything that might incriminate you. It does not mean that police won't find sufficient incriminating evidence on their own, and it certainly won't exempt you from conviction.)

After finding Woodard guilty of first degree murder, the jury recommended a sentence of life without parole. Formal sentencing is scheduled for November 4.

Image Credit: Cindy Funk


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