Internet Sex Crimes in Oklahoma

Internet sex crimes are a rapidly growing phenomenon that encompasses a wide variety of sex offenses and felony charges. 

Internet Sex Crimes

Oklahoma sex crime defense lawyers continue to see a number of cases resulting from sexting; indecent proposals via email, chat rooms, and social networking sites; and downloading child pornography.  There are a number of factors that lead to increased internet sex crimes, including accessibility, lack of parental supervision, and widespread undercover police operations. 

Some believe that the anonymity provided by the internet allows some users a pseudo-comfort that encourages them to engage in risky behavior.  When it comes to internet sex crimes in Oklahoma, the risks don't pay.

On Friday, an Oklahoma City man was sentenced to 20 years in Federal prison after admitting to downloading child pornography on the internet.  Carlos P. Flores, 30, pleaded guilty in September to receiving child pornography, including video of the rape of a 6-year-old girl. 

Downloading child pornography in Oklahoma is not merely a state crime, but a federal offense.  Flores was investigated by the FBI and admitted to not only receipt of child pornography, but also to molesting three young girls, two in Oklahoma City. 

Defense for These Crimes

Flores was sentenced for the child pornography conviction in U.S. District Court, but still faces three felony counts of lewd acts with a child in Oklahoma County District Court. Those convicted of downloading child pornography in Oklahoma are required to register as a sex offender in addition to any prison sentence handed down. Oklahoma lewd acts with a minor convictions are punishable by up to life in prison.