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By Dustin Phillips on
March 25, 2019
December 31, 2019

The name of Daniel K. Holtzclaw is infamous in Oklahoma. The disgraced Oklahoma City police officer is sentenced to 236 years in prison after a 2015 conviction related to the on-duty rapes and sexual assaults of 13 women. The case showed that Holtzclaw preyed on women unlikely to report him out of fear of his position--that is, until he assaulted one woman with no criminal record. She reported the assault and opened the case against him.

Each one of the women victimized by Holtzclaw in the 2015 case has filed a lawsuit against him. Additionally, the Oklahoma City Council must now vote on accepting a settlement filed by a woman not involved in that case.

The woman says that she was the victim of excessive force by Holtzclaw. She claims that in 2013, Holtzclaw arrested her outside of an Oklahoma City restaurant, slamming her face and head against a brick wall before handcuffing her and shoving her without provocation.

The woman says the officer put her in the back of his patrol car and drove her around the city before ultimately releasing her without filing charges, telling her only that she had matched the description of a suspect in a stolen vehicle case.

The woman says she sought treatment for her injuries at a local emergency room about an hour and a half after her release, and that she received more than $14,000 in medical bills as a result.

The woman also alleged sexual misconduct, saying that Holtzclaw "pressed against her inappropriately." However, the city council says that any sexual misconduct falls outside Holtzclaw's scope of employment, and is therefore not applicable to the city of Oklahoma City.

Now the council must vote on whether to approve a $25,000 settlement between the city and the woman as a result of the excessive force claim. The council states that approval of the settlement will not mean the city admits liability in the case.

The council will vote at its next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, March 25.


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