Handling an Arrest and Criminal Charge in Oklahoma City

Being arrested for a crime can be quite a stressful ordeal.  From the moment you suspect an arrest is imminent, you may begin to feel the initial stages of panic.  Whether you see an officer's flashing lights in the rear view mirror, you open your door to find uniformed officers standing outside, or you conclude a police interview at the station and realize it did not go well, when you know you are about to be arrested, you may feel like your world is beginning to crumble.  

What Should You Do?

Do not panic.  Remain calm and call an experienced Oklahoma City criminal lawyer. Having an attorney on your side can alleviate some of the stress by helping you realize that you are not alone, your rights are being protected, and a legal professional is handling the situation for the best possible outcome.

There are several important things to consider during an investigation, interview, and arrest:

  • Remain calm. When you are approached by police, your first inclination--particularly if you are guilty of a criminal offense--may be to flee or to become argumentative and combative.  It is important to stay calm.  Do not panic or challenge authorities.  Fighting with police or attempting to elude police is sure to result in additional criminal charges that can complicate your case.
  • Remain silent. Many people do not realize that they have the right to remain silent even before an arrest.  Just because police have not informed you of that right does not mean it doesn't exist. Do  not admit guilt; do not even try to protest your innocence.  Wait for counsel from your Oklahoma City defense attorney.
  • Request a lawyer. You have the right to legal counsel for a reason.  Too often, people who are not aware of their rights end up compromising their case by attempting to "clear things up" or simply by speaking to police without the advice of an Oklahoma criminal attorney.  Tell police immediately that you want a lawyer.  They will not be able to question you further without your attorney present.
Additionally, once you have an Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer handling your case, other aspects of the criminal justice process will go more smoothly.  

Your attorney can help you understand how to get out of jail by posting a cash bond or hiring a bondsman.  He or she will help you understand the possible ramifications of your criminal misdemeanor or felony charge, and can help you make wise decisions about your defense options.  Your attorney will keep you notified of all of your court dates and required court appearances to avoid further complications from a failure to appear in court.

If you are arrested in Oklahoma County, act immediately to find an defense lawyer who will protect your rights and your defense throughout the justice process.