George Zimmerman Accused of Domestic Violence with Gun

Most people can get pulled over for speeding without the world knowing about it. Most can even commit misdemeanor offenses without the news making it out of their circle of friends, family, and co-workers. Even felony offenses, unless particularly egregious or committed by a celebrity, fail to make headlines. If you are George Zimmerman, though, your every move is sure to be scrutinized. Many people assumed that after Zimmerman was acquitted of manslaughter in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, he would want to quietly recede into the shadows. They thought that the infamy and the spotlight might be too much to bear and that Zimmerman, who some say is walking around with a target on his back, would want to disappear from the public eye altogether. Whether he has wanted to do that or not, he has certainly been unable to so. In July, Zimmerman made headlines after being stopped for speeding in Texas--with a gun in his car. With Texas being a gun-friendly state, it seems likely that a large percentage of traffic stops for speeding include a gun in the car. However, only a very, very small percentage of traffic stops in Texas include George Zimmerman. Suddenly, it is newsworthy, even though Zimmerman was not even issued a ticket--merely a warning for his speed. Alas, he was pulled over for speeding again. Once again, the media pounced on the story. Zimmerman, the gun-toting speed demon was splashed across the headlines again. However, getting pulled over twice for speeding is hardly news. Most people cannot look across the room without seeing someone who has received at least two speeding tickets. Most cannot even look in the mirror without seeing a repeat traffic offender. Still--if it is Zimmerman, it is news. Now, the man faces his biggest legal challenge since his manslaughter trial. Days after Shellie Zimmerman announced her plans to divorce George, calling him "reckless" and "selfish," she called police reporting that her husband had assaulted her father and threatened her with a gun. Police detained and questioned George Zimmerman, but he was never arrested. Shellie Zimmerman, upon the advice of her attorneys, has declined to press charges for domestic violence. Although several media outlets reported that Zimmerman pulled a knife and a gun on his estranged wife, police reported that no gun was involved. Zimmerman's attorney said that he believed that Zimmerman was carrying his weapon, but that he never took it out or threatened to use it during the altercation. Once again, this is a story that, had it occurred between unknown parties, would never have reached news reporters. Since it involved George Zimmerman, however, reporters jumped on the story, reporting details without verification and taking the word of Shellie Zimmerman--an admitted liar who pleaded guilty to perjury. Who knows what transpired when Shellie Zimmerman went to collect her belongings and got into an argument with her soon-to-be-ex husband? Was she in fear for her life? Was the fear reasonable? Was Zimmerman making threats, or is he just a sitting duck for accusations? Some people believe that the justice system failed in acquitting George Zimmerman. Others believe that the system upheld the right of a man to protect himself from harm. The only thing that is certain is that in a trial by media, the evidence rarely amounts to what is presented.