Free Consultation with an OKC Attorney: What to Expect

If you have been investigated, arrested, or charged with a criminal offense, your first priority should be finding an Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer to represent you.  

While some people may rely on recommendations from family and friends, many people needing legal defense are afraid that asking others will draw attention to their predicament, or their family, friends, and acquaintances may not have any experience with a defense attorney.  

To find the best criminal defense lawyer for your case, it is important to find an attorney who offers a free consultation, allowing you to make an informed choice in hiring your legal counsel. A free consultation is an important step in finding a criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma City.  

During this consultation, you will be able to ask questions that help you to understand the charges against you.  You will find out about the criminal justice process you face.  You will determine some possible defense strategies and their likelihood of success.  You will be able to see if the attorney seems committed to your defense and to developing a positive attorney-client relationship.  During this first consultation, you should be able to determine whether or not the defense attorney evaluating your case is the right criminal lawyer to handle your defense.

Many people meeting with an Oklahoma City defense attorney are first-time criminal defendants.  They do not understand what their rights are, what their responsibilities are, or what to expect from the legal process.  During the initial consultation, an attorney should explain this process and answer any questions you may have about what is expected of you and what steps you need to take to prepare yourself for court.  

Do not be afraid to ask questions.  The attorney should understand that this process is likely new to you and should provide clear answers without making you feel embarrassed or patronized.  

If you are uncomfortable with the lawyer and his or her answers or attitude, then your consultation has allowed you to discover that this may not be the right criminal defense attorney for you, and allowed you to discover that fact before it is too late.

As your free initial consultation continues, you will have the opportunity to provide the Oklahoma City criminal lawyer with information about your case.  You may wish to bring paperwork and documentation pertaining to your case, such as your bail bond or summons to appear.  

It is critical that you are honest with the attorney and provide information about your criminal history, if any.  Lying to the attorney will give you an inaccurate evaluation, and if you decide to retain him or her as your criminal defense lawyer, any dishonesty could come out at trial and jeopardize your case.

A good criminal defense attorney will listen carefully to your side of the story and will give you an honest evaluation of your case--whether your case will be easy or difficult to defend, what your best defense strategies might be, and what he or she will reasonably be able to attain as your counsel.  

Be wary of any attorney who makes promises or guarantees results.  The criminal justice system depends upon the judges and juries in evaluating evidence presented, and therefore, there are never guaranteed results.  To claim otherwise is unprofessional and unethical.  

Your attorney may tell you what is likely to happen, but he or she cannot guarantee a dismissal or acquittal. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City, our experienced attorneys offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients.  To find out how our attorneys can help you, call (405) 418-8888 today.