Former Thunder Announcer Faces Additional Sex Abuse Charges

While the Oklahoma City Thunder clinched the NBA Western Conference Championship and a spot in the NBA Finals, a former Thunder announcer is in the spotlight for a much more nefarious reason. You may remember that James Miller, 41, of Harrah, was originally charged with three counts of lewd acts with a minor in Oklahoma County in May, but that he remained under investigation for allegations of sexual abuse in Potontoc County.  Miller, a former Thunder announcer and Harrah High School teacher, has now been charged with six felony counts as a result of the investigation near Ada. Miller was first charged after accusations that he watched pornography and masturbated in front of a young boy under the age of 16.  Though the boy said that Miller would call him into the room while he performed lewd acts, Miller claimed that the child would occasionally walk in on him accidentally. However, two young women came forward alleging that Miller had performed similar acts in front of them when they were younger than 16.  The girls report that they were also sexually abused by Miller, and that they decided to come forward when they suspected that the younger child was being abused.  The girls claim the sexual assaults took place when they were living  north of Ada, resulting in criminal charges in Potontoc County. In the Potontoc County case, Miller was charged with six counts of child sexual abuse in Oklahoma.  According to the Potontoc County district attorney, the results of the investigation have been forwarded to authorities in Murray County, because the young women claim they were also sexually abused while Miller was living in Sulphur.  Though Miller has already been charged in Oklahoma County and Potontoc County, further charges may be pending. Allegations of child sexual abuse, molestation, and lewd acts with minors can shatter families and destroy careers.  Being accused of a sex crime in Oklahoma can lead to a lifetime of devastating consequences including fines, prison, and being forced to register as an Oklahoma Sex Offender.  If you or someone you love has been charged with a sex crime in Oklahoma, it is important to quickly find skillful, experienced representation from an Oklahoma sex crimes defense attorney.  Our attorneys are committed to providing quality legal services and defense to those accused of sex crimes and other criminal acts in Oklahoma.  For more information or a free consultation, call (405) 418-8888 today.