Former Teacher Facing 11 Felony Sex Charges in Oklahoma

Yet another Oklahoma teacher has been charged with sex crimes against his students.  While Oklahoma sex crime defense attorneys understand that allegations of sex offenses cross all demographics, when a teacher is accused, it is almost guaranteed to make the headlines. 

While teachers are no more likely than any other professional to commit a sex crime, anyone who works with minors as a profession may be at increased risk of accusation.  Furthermore, because teachers are placed in a position of trust, any alleged violation of that trust is sure to garner media attention and public scrutiny.

Last Thursday, former Atoka High School biology teacher and assistant football coach Casey Hauff, 32, was charged in Atoka County District Court with eleven felony counts related to alleged sex crimes against five female students.  Hauff, who resigned during the investigation, was charged with two counts of second degree rape, four counts of solicitation of a minor, two counts of sexual battery, forcible sodomy, showing obscene materials to a minor, and lewd or indecent proposals to a minor under 16.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Hauff asked the girls to text him nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves in exchange for better grades, and allegedly sent nude photos of himself in return.  He allegedly began using the cell phone of a student intern to collect images of the girls after his wife began checking his cell phone.

Allegedly, the sex offenses took place in Hauff's classroom, and one alleged victim says that the teacher had her hide in a closet when someone came to the classroom. Oklahoma sex crime lawyers stress that, although the age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, state law prohibits sex between a student and a teacher, administrator, or employee of the same district.  

Hauff allegedly told one of the girls that "he usually waited until the girls graduated," but that he would "make an exception" for her.  If he had waited until the girls graduated, his actions would not have been felonious, and he would not be facing decades behind bars and lifetime sex offender registration.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a sex offense, it is critical to obtain representation as soon as possible.  During an investigation into sex crimes and following any accusation or criminal charges, the rights of the accused are frequently trampled.  A skillful attorney can help protect your rights while building a solid defense.  To find a sex crime defense lawyer in Oklahoma City, call our offices today.