Ex-DHS Employee Charged with Oklahoma Sex Crime

A former employee with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services has been accused of an Oklahoma sex crime against a 15-year-old girl while he was still employed with DHS.  The criminal charge is the latest in a string of allegations of misconduct and mismanagement among DHS employees and administrators.

Sex Crime Charges

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Ronald J. Green II, 23, on a charge of forcible oral sodomy in Oklahoma.  Green was a temporary social worker aide with the DHS office in Stillwater from May to October of 2012.  He is accused of committing the crime in September 2010, when he was transporting a 15-year-old girl from Stillwater to a foster care placement in Tulsa.  

The alleged victim did not report the incident until late 2011, more than a year after the incident was alleged to have taken place.  Stillwater police notified the OSBI in late December to oversee the case.

Under state sex crime statutes, Oklahoma forcible oral sodomy is defined as:

  • Oral or anal sex with a person under the age of 16 by a person who is over the age of 18.
  • Sodomy with a person who is legally unable to consent due to mental illness or unsoundness of mind
  • Oral sex or anal intercourse perpetrated by force or through the threat of violence
At the time of the alleged incident, Green's accuser was 15 years old and Green himself was over the age of 18.  Furthermore, Oklahoma sex crime law precludes an employee of a state agency from sexual involvement with anyone in state custody.  Therefore, even if the Green's accuser was aged 16 or older, sexual activity between the two--consensual or not--would have been considered illegal.

Green's arrest comes on the heels of a settlement agreement to a federal class-action lawsuit accusing Oklahoma DHS of multiple abuses that jeopardize the safety of children. It is important to remember, as always, that an accusation of a sex crime does not mean that the accused is guilty of any crime.  

False Accusations are Common

Adults who work with children or teens are particularly susceptible to being falsely accused of a sex crime.  Whether Green's accuser is coming forward as a result of abuse at the hands of an adult entrusted with her safety or whether she is making false allegations as a result of some ulterior motive remains to be seen.  Unless or until Green is proven guilty of a sex crime against a minor, he should be considered innocent, just as in any other crime.  

Green--and anyone else accused of a sex offense in Oklahoma--would be wise to quickly hire experienced Oklahoma sex crime defense lawyers to protect his rights.