Edmond Man Sentenced in Federal Child Exploitation Case

A federal judge has sentenced an Edmond man for the sexual exploitation of a teen girl from Florida.

U.S. District Judge David L. Russell sentenced Carlos Alexander Davila, 23, to 15 years in prison for enticing the 14-year-old girl to send him sexually explicit images of herself and then threatening to publish them online.

Davila pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of children in July and was sentenced last Wednesday.

The case began when Davila contacted the young teen on Facebook after seeing her post that a friend had committed suicide. The man told her that he could help her deal with her friend's suicide because he was going to school to become a psychologist. As the relationship progressed, Davila asked the girl for nude photos in exchange for his help.

The girl told Davila that she was only 14 years old, but he replied that it didn't matter. She sent as many as 20 nude photos to the man via the smartphone app Kik.

Davila reportedly became increasingly possessive of the girl, calling her his "wife" and saying that if she did not have sex with him, he would rape her. When she tried to end the relationship, he began to blackmail her, saying that he would publish the nude pictures she sent online.  In one text he sent the teen, he said he would leak her images to his "hungry friends in need of fresh meat."

He even made her think that he had published the pictures online by texting her from spoofed numbers pretending to be various men who had seen her images on the internet.

Davila first contacted the teen in March 2016. By May 2016, she had reported his actions to a school resource officer, and Davila was arrested and charged with a federal crime. In June 2016, he pleaded guilty to producing child pornography.

According to a Department of Justice press release, Davila will be required to register as a sex offender upon release from prison, and he will be placed on supervised release by the United States Probation Office for the rest of his life.

Image credit: United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma