Color Me Badd Singer has Arrest Warrant for Probation Violation

It is the same song, different verse for Bryan Abrams. The lead singer of Oklahoma City-based Color Me Badd, which had 5 hit singles in the early 1990's, is the subject of an arrest warrant out of Cleveland County. According to the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, the arrest warrant is for a probation violation related to a deferred sentence on a domestic violence complaint last year. Court records indicate that Abrams, 43, was ordered to attend substance abuse and domestic violence counseling among the conditions of his probation, but he has thus far failed to do so. Undergoing counseling for alcohol abuse and domestic violence seems as if it would serve Abrams's best interests, particularly in light of his history of arrests for abusing both alcohol and women. In 2005, Abrams pleaded guilty to DUI and received a deferred sentence. He was arrested again for DUI the following year and pleaded no contest. In 2007, he pleaded guilty to domestic abuse for beating his wife and was given a deferred sentence. In 2008, Abrams punched his girlfriend in the nose at an Oklahoma City restaurant, shouting, "I'm a kill you! You and me! You and me!"  He was arrested and charged with domestic abuse and public intoxication. In July 2010, he was arrested near Waikiki after allegedly throwing his wife across the room during an argument. Later that summer, he was arrested by Oklahoma City police and charged in Cleveland County with domestic abuse in the presence of a child. That case was dismissed. In 2011, he was accused of punching his wife in the face and hitting her in several places, causing injuries to her neck and thigh. He pleaded guilty last year and was given a deferred sentence. It is for this case that he is accused of violating probation and thus the subject of an arrest warrant that has been open since February. A probable cause affidavit filed in January 2012 related to Abrams's assault of his wife Kimberly indicated that Abrams had been involved in at least 12 domestic violence cases since 2005. He is twice divorced and his third divorce is pending in Cleveland County District Court. A deferred sentence can help keep a person out of jail and allow him or her to take the steps necessary to get his or her life back on track. However, probation violation can incite a Motion to Accelerate sentencing, which will have the defendant facing the maximum penalties for the offense with which he or she is charged. Read more about probation violation or click here to find an attorney who can handle your case.