College Student Charged with Murder of Parents, Sister

A housekeeper reporting for work at the home of a prominent Duncan family made a grisly discovery--the bodies of the three family members who lived there. John Hruby, 50; his wife Joy "Tinker" Hruby; and their daughter, 17-year-old Katherine had been shot to death. The housekeeper told her daughter to call the Hrubys' son, Alan, a 19-year-old University of  Oklahoma student, to tell him that something happened and he needed to come home. When police told Alan of his parents' and sister's murders, they say he fell apart, wailing and sobbing. However, his emotions weren't the only thing to collapse, as his alibi soon fell apart as well. Reports say Alan Hruby had scheduled tweets on Twitter to give the appearance of being in his dorm room in Norman when he was actually in Duncan. He was pulled over at approximately 1:00 a.m. last Thursday, a mile from his parents home. However, despite telling a police officer that he forgot his driver's license and giving a fake name and birthdate, he was let go with a ticket. Investigators say Alan continued to his family's home, where he stole his father's gun. John Hruby noticed the missing gun and reported it stolen, but it was too late. Alan returned to Duncan later in the day, entered the home through a back door, and shot his mother as she texted with a friend. When she didn't die instantly, Alan shot her again. Tinker Hruby died of two gunshot wounds to the head. The young  man then waited for his younger sister to come in from washing her car, and he shot her in the neck, killing her instantly. Investigators say he then waited an hour for his father to return home from work. He shot him twice in the head. While his parents and his little sister lay dead, reports say, Alan Hruby went to Dallas to party with friends, selling his ticket to the Red River Rivalry and staying at the Ritz-Carlton. Investigators say that when police told him of the deaths, his histrionics didn't add up. They say he was wailing and hyperventilating, but there were no tears, and he didn't ask any questions about the deaths. Police detained Alan for violating the probation he was serving for fraud charges. Last year, Alan took out a credit card in his grandmother's name and racked up nearly $5,000 in charges on a trip to Europe. Alan violated probation by drinking and leaving the state, and police used that violation to detain him as they continued to question him about his family's murders. Eventually, police say, Alan confessed to the murders. He said that he killed his parents and his sister, a high school junior, simply so he could inherit his parents' money and not have to share the inheritance with his sister. He told investigators that he owed $3,000 to a loan shark and he needed the inheritance to pay off the debt. Alan Hruby is charged with three counts of first degree murder, and those who knew the Hruby family are struggling to understand the depths of greed that would drive a young man to familicide.