Charges Mount Against Oklahoma City Criminal Attorney

The Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney charged with helping her boyfriend escape from prison faces additional charges after being arrested for drug possession at a local truck stop.  Amy McTeer, 40, of Nichols Hills, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication early Monday morning after she flagged down a Guthrie police officer outside a Love's truck stop, telling him she needed a ride home.

According to police, McTeer was "delirious and unable to perform any simple tasks" at the time of her arrest.  She told police that she met an unidentified man at a different Oklahoma City truck stop and that he asked her to travel out of state with him.  She claimed that while they were riding in his truck and smoking, he must have "slipped something into her [glass] pipe."  

McTeer was found to have a pipe containing a white substance in her pocket at the time of her arrest.  She is expected to be charged with felony drug possession and two additional misdemeanor offenses in Logan County.

McTeer, an Oklahoma defense lawyer, first made headlines when she was charged with helping her boyfriend, a former client, escape from the Union City Community Corrections Facility in Canadian County.  

McTeer represented Roy G. Kuykendall, 35, in 2008 when he was charged with possession of methamphetamine while on probation.  After Kuykendall escaped from the correctional facility, McTeer was charged with assisting a prisoner escape in Canadian County and with harboring a fugitive in Oklahoma County.

McTeer was also charged with child endangerment earlier this year after she was arrested for filing a false police report and child endangerment in late December 2011.  In that case, McTeer allegedly called police to report a home invasion.  When police arrived, they found no evidence of forced entry, but found McTeer to be under the influence of crystal meth while caring for several children.

Amy McTeer is facing the suspension of her license to practice law as a result of the criminal charges she faces.  The Oklahoma Bar Association has filed a request with the Oklahoma Supreme Court to immediately suspend her law license.  McTeer filed a continuance in that case after her own attorney quit. Ms. McTeer's legal troubles show that no one is immune to the damaging effects of dangerous drugs like methamphetamine.  

Oklahoma is notorious for its high use of meth, and the case of the Nichols Hills attorney demonstrates just how ruinous meth can be.  Once a young criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma City, McTeer is now a criminal defendant in multiple cases, and she is facing the likely loss of her license to practice law in Oklahoma. Facing drug charges is a serious matter in Oklahoma.  If you have been charged with drug possession or other drug crime, contact an Oklahoma City drug crimes lawyer for help.