Avoid Oklahoma DUI with Designated Drivers

During the holiday season, Oklahoma City DUI defense attorneys often see an increase in business, as holiday parties combine with a sobriety checkpoints to yield an increase in DUI arrests.  However, there is no reason to see an increase in DUI arrests in Oklahoma if drivers and party goers take advantage of opportunities to keep the roadways safe.

AAA kicked off the holiday season of their Tipsy Tow service over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Tipsy Tow eliminates one problem faced by party goers who realize that they have had too many drinks to drive safely.  If a person finds himself or herself too intoxicated to drive, the safe thing to do is call a cab or get a ride home from a sober friend.  

However, these options require going back to retrieve one's car the next day.  For some people, trying to find a ride back to their car in the morning can be a hassle.  Rather than trying to figure out how, many simply risk the drive home--which may result in a dangerous accident or a DUI arrest.  

Tipsy Tow remedies this risk by not only taking an intoxicated person home, but towing his or her car free of charge within a 15 mile radius of the point of pick-up. One does not have to be a member of AAA to take advantage of the Tipsy Tow service, which is available from mid-December through New Year's Day.  Tipsy Tow will not only transport you and your vehicle to your home, but will allow one additional passenger, getting couples home safely.

Another option for avoiding a DUI in Oklahoma City or Norman is to call Safe Rides LLC, a designated driver service that operates year-round to get you and your passengers home safely.  While Safe Rides LLC is not a free service, it is different from a typical cab service in that it also gets your vehicle to your destination, eliminating the need for morning-after pickup.

As any Oklahoma City DUI lawyer can tell you, the hassle of a DUI arrest and the ensuing legal consequences far outweigh any "inconvenience" of finding a designated driver and any expense of hiring a cab or safe ride home.  Tipsy Tow is just a phone call away, delivering you and your car safely home with no expense and no questions asked. Our Oklahoma DUI lawyers encourage you to drink responsibly and designate a sober driver for all of your holiday parties.  We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.