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By Dustin Phillips on
August 22, 2011
December 31, 2019

As any Oklahoma City criminal lawyer can attest, there is perhaps no other crime for which the accused suffers so immediately the stigma of arrest than a sex crime. Those accused of crimes that are sexual in nature are often presumed to be guilty by the general public, without any other merit than an arrest which may be completely unfounded.

Sex-Related Crimes Can Be Devastating to the Accused

In fact, many lawyers believe that there are more people wrongfully accused of sex crimes than any other criminal offense, and arrests may be based on nothing more than hearsay or the word of a spiteful alleged victim. Someone accused of a crime--particularly against a child--may be ostracized by his or her neighbors, church, co-workers, and even friends and family.

Sex crime defense requires skilled legal counsel from an attorney experienced at handling sex offense cases. Lawyers who specialize in sex-related cases must be skilled investigators, negotiators, and trial attorneys. They must be equipped to handle all the nuances of a proper defense and be adequately prepared for each stage of the case, from initial investigations through any possible post-sentencing proceedings:

  • Initial client interviews
  • Criminal investigation
  • Police questioning
  • Witness interviews
  • Psychosexual examinations
  • Scientific evidence
  • Media attention

Depending on the unique circumstances of each case, an attorney will develop a defense strategy to work for the best possible outcome.

A Local Example

For example, the case of former Oklahoma City police officer Maurice Martinez, 45, has captured local media attention. Martinez was accused of the sexual abuse of three adopted sons and a former foster son, and has been charged with 32 felony counts.

However, the case is rife with complications and twists, with allegations of evidence tampering, a botched police investigation, a break-in to Martinez's house, and conflicting witness statements from former foster children in Martinez's care.

Most currently, Martinez's defense attorneys point to the results of a psycho sexual examination. According to the counselor conducting the exam, Martinez has "no significant interest in males of any age." His defense attorneys are using the results of the assessment as grounds to ask the judge to reconsider his decision to deny bail to the former police officer. Because the examination and the counselor's findings contradict the allegations against their client, his attorneys request that bail be granted.

Defense Strategies

Attorneys work to protect the rights of the accused throughout a criminal process that favors victims' rights. Whether a defendant is falsely accused or the victim of his or her own bad decisions, a skilled criminal attorney will work to ensure a fair and just legal process.


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