Actor Allegedly Confesses to Child Molestation in Secret Recording

He played Reverend Eric Camden, a pastor and father seven children on the wholesome family television series "7th Heaven." Now, Stephen Collins is accused of molesting 3 young girls several years ago. The accusation comes after the release of a covert audio recording in which a man alleged to be Collins admits to child molestation. According to reports, Collins filed for divorce from his wife, actress Faye Grant, in 2012, after 27 years of marriage. Grant said she was "devastated," by the filing, but the true shock came when he allegedly admitted to her that he had exposed himself to three young girls, even placing the hand of one of the girl on his penis. Collins and Grant have been involved in a long and difficult divorce process since the filing, and now it has come to light that Grant secretly recorded a 2012 therapy session in which she questioned him about the sexual abuse and in which he allegedly admits to it. Reports say that Grant was informed by her lawyer that it was legal for her to secretly tape the therapy session, because California law allows covert recording in order to gain evidence of a felony. Now, New York police confirm that they have begun an investigation of Collins as a result of the tape, since two of the girls mentioned lived in Manhattan at the time of the alleged incidents. They say that they investigated Collins for sexual abuse before, but that the statute of limitations on that case expired before charges could be filed. As of this writing, Collins has not responded to the reports of child sexual abuse. It is interesting to note, however, that the recording was allegedly made in 2012 under the guise of gaining evidence of a felony--yet the alleged confession was not revealed to  New York police until recently. A New York Police Department source said that investigators with the NYPD Special Victims Unit traveled to Los Angeles "a few weeks ago" to question Collins. If the reason for the secret recording was to gather evidence for a crime, shouldn't that evidence have been turned over to police when the evidence was gathered? Is it possible that an angry partner in a heated divorce held on to a tape for leverage, only releasing it when the demands were not met? Is it possible that the voice on the tape isn't even Collins? Regardless of whether or not Collins did, in fact, sexually abuse and expose himself to pre-teen girls, the squeaky-clean image he generated on 7th Heaven is forever tarnished. Whether the girls are victims of Collins as a sexual predator, or whether the actor is a victim of lies and manipulation, hopefully, justice will prevail.