Accused Child Molester Blames Victim

An Oklahoma man accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old relative for the past two years says that the girl actually molested him. Reports say the 13-year-old girl told her mother earlier this month that Scott Barber, 36, had been touching her inappropriately for at least two years. However, the mother did not go to police "because she loved" Barber. Instead, she told a family friend, who in turn reported the suspected sexual abuse to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS). When police interviewed the girl, she told them that her abuser would wait until other relatives in the home were distracted or asleep before coming into her room to molest her. She told them that she has a "holding pillow" that helps her to feel safe during the sexual abuse. Police investigators then interviewed Barber, who initially denied any sexual contact or other wrongdoing. However, what he said a few days after his initial interview shocked investigators. During subsequent questioning, Barber allegedly told police that his accuser was "13 going on 25," and that she instigated a sexual relationship with him. He said that he did not want the sexual contact and said that the girl actually molested him. Allegedly, the suspect told police that he would touch the girl inappropriately "to keep her happy," saying that if she did not get what she wanted sexually, she would act like a "hellion." Barber told investigators that the girl had trouble distinguishing reality and fantasy, but from the looks of things, it seems as if the suspect is the one who is living in a world of make believe. Whether he truly believes that the young girl began molesting him when she was 11 years old or whether he thinks police will buy the story of a pre-pubescent sexual predator attacking an adult male, he seems to be quite detached from reality and from the gravity of the situation. Blaming the victim will not likely endear him to any prosecutor, judge, or jury. Even if the young girl did attempt to initiate a sexual relationship with the adult male, the onus would be on him to refuse any attempts on her part. Rather than complying "to keep her happy," any responsible adult would distance himself or herself from the situation and seek to get help and mental health counseling for the girl. Oklahoma law carries stiff penalties, including lengthy prison terms and lifetime sex offender registration, for anyone accused of inappropriate sexual contact with minors. If a person is accused of molesting a child, talking to police about the case is one of the worst things he or she can do on his or her own behalf--especially when admitting contact and blaming a child for her own molestation.