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Let us introduce ourselves.  At Phillips & Associates we handle ONLY criminal defense cases.  We are not a one-stop-shop law firm and we prefer it this way.  Why?

Our passion and laser focus on defending clients from criminal charges has resulted in success after success.

Would you take a Ferrari to just any mechanic?  Or would you take it to someone who specializes only in Ferraris?  The same is true of lawyers. Criminal charges have serious consequences for your reputation, job, and personal liberty.  You want someone on your side who is passionate about protecting your rights at every step of the legal process.

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At Phillips & Associates we believe a strong, aggressive defense is the best path for success. Our lawyers are dedicated to upholding our clients' rights and protecting them from unnecessary conviction and the consequences thereof.

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With years of experience, our criminal defense lawyers understand the tactics and strategies that will be used against you in court. We leverage this knowledge of criminal law to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in both misdemeanor and felony crime cases in city, county, and state courts throughout Oklahoma.  We also have a great deal of experience fighting charges in federal courts. Whether you are facing a year in jail or a lifetime in prison, we will provide the aggressive legal representation you need to realize a successful outcome to your case.